OEM Progressive Die Stamping

OEM Progressive Die Stamping

OEM Progressive Die Stamping

OEM Progressive Die Stamping

We arefactory for OEM Progressive Die Stamping processing and component manufacturing. We’re dedicated to provide mold designing and programming, Prototype, development and manufacturing.Backup by many years of experiences, we’re capable of supplying you a wide range of diversity, reasonable price and on-time delivery for your metalwork.

We specialize in manufacturing precision metal stamping, Deep drawn, Laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining parts for complex, high precision parts for the aerospace, home appliance, automotive, electronics, medical device and musical instrument industries. We manufacture products range from small metal stamped parts for electronics to large architectural components that are decorative and functional.

Progressive Die Stamping Service

Specification Customized,customer required,customer’s drawings
Material Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Alloy steel,Heat resistant steel,Brass, etc.
Application Automobile, agricultural machinery, furniture,

construction, home appliances, electronics.

Process Single die Stamp, Pressing Stretch, Spin, Progressive Die Stamping,Transfer stamping
Machining Punch, Press, Spinning lathe, Precision punch
Tolerance +/- 0.01mm, ISO2768-f
Heat treatment Quench and tempering,Carburizing,Nitriding,Induction hardening,Normalizing,
Unit weight 5g-300kg
Certificate ISO9001, TS16949,ISO1400,RoHS
Finish Polishing,Powder coating,Painting,Nickel plating,Chrome plating,Hot galvanize,Galvanizing, Electrophoresis,Anodizing.
Quality control FEMA,PPAP,APQP,Control Plan,MSA,
Certificates for all requirements
Test reports for every delivery
Service Weekly report,Key node report,Any questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Mold Desigh Solutions

Before mold fabrication, we will analyze the customer’s drawings and provide design change soluction if necessary. Mold design will be sent for approval before each mold building. All of our tools are constructed to rigid DME and Hasco mold standards.

We utilize only high-grade mold steels from companies such as Uddeholm and International mold steel(P20,H13,2344,420,S-7,718H,S136,etc).For the hot runner system,we use MoldMaster,DME, Husky,Yudo,etc.

Quality Control

Our quality control teams uses state of the art equipment and technology to check the integrity and purity of all incoming raw materials as well as finished products at our facility. All equipment and filling areas are sanitized daily as well as germ tested before each run. It is according to our standard operating procedures ( SOP ) and QC regulations which include but are not limited to the list below.