Deep drawn stamping

Deep drawn enclosuresAs professional manufacturers of deep drawing solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering precision, quality, and customer satisfaction. With our state-of-the-art equipment, extensive material options, customization capabilities, and commitment to excellence, we are well-equipped to provide you with deep drawn enclosures that meet your exact specifications. Contact us to discuss your deep drawing requirements and experience the benefits of partnering with us for your manufacturing needs.

Deep drawing is the use of stamping, pulling rings or metal mold technology to shape sheet metal materials into cylindrical or box shaped parts.Deep drawn enclosures are usually carried out on the anti wrinkle pressure plate of the double acting press, and the wrinkle preventing plate can effectively prevent the edge of the bulge from wrinkling when it is pulled into the steel dies.

Deep drawing technology is widely used in the production process, and deep drawn process is applied to many industries. For example, it can be used to produce automobile parts in the automotive industry; it can also be used to manufacture household products, such as stainless steel kitchen sink,cups and so on.

Deep drawn enclosures

As specialists in deep draw technologies,We have been providing deep drawn enclosures services for auto industries,Car Electrical appliances industries and air-conditioner and refrigerating system from North America,Europe,the middle East ,Asia and other countries and regions.

At present,Main equipments include 200-500 tons of hydraulic press, 5-500 tons of stamping machines,large precision CNC machines,CNC lathe and other specialized equipments.

we have our experienced tooling designers and engineering team which ensures that we can provide strong engineering ability on stamping metal parts , deep drawing parts and metal spinning parts in various industries. We also have a strict set of quality control system (ISO9001: 2000) to guarantee the quality of the products.

Engineering and Tool Design

  • Collaboration with your design team to ensure a cost effective, robust deep drawn parts
  • Concurrent engineering for short lead times and low cost
  • Internal tooling design and fabrication to ensure precision tolerances, reliable quality, and short lead times
  • Full experience in tools to minimize start-up costs.
  • Multi-shift tool room with “lights-out” capability
  • Auto-CAD, PRO/ENGINEER,UG and SolidWorks
  • Part drawings accepted in virtually all electronic formats

Deep Drawing Ability

Below are some simple explanation of our production ability,which help customer to understand our company clearly.We can custom-made any deep drawn enclosures according to your drawing or samples.


  • Single Run, progressive, transfer presses
  • Low to high volume
  • 50 to 5,000,000 pieces


  • Hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic and transfer presses
  • Up to 500 tons


  • Cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, nickel, Aluminum Alloy,Brass Alloy,Steel Alloy,Carbon Steel,Titanium,Tungsten,tantalum, and many others


  • 1/16″ to 18″ (1.6mm to 457 mm) diameter
  • Lengths up to 18″ (457 mm)
  • Material thicknesses .002″ to .250″ (0.05 mm to 6.35 mm)

Precision / Tolerances:

  • ±.0005″ (0.013 mm)
  • Drawn corner radii as small as .002″ (0.05 mm)

Finish Processes:

  • Degreasing, deburring, heat treating, and passivating
  • Andodizing, polishing, painting, powder coating, sand blasting,Barrel polish, and plating
  • Piercing, extruding, bulging, coining, tapping and machining
  • Resistance spot welding, TIG welding, laser welding and brazing to MIL specifications
  • Assembly of components and brackets to deep drawn enclosures
  • PEM, stud and standoff insertions