Contract Manufacturing

We can solve your outsourcing and vendor issues with our contract manufacturing experience in this fields for many years.We understand metal stamping parts very well ,which can meet your requirement on quality,delivery and prices. We are professional and local company in China.That’s why we are confidence to offer you best Contract Manufacturing sercices.

Contract Manufacturing Range

We are the reliable source of precision metal stamping parts, and are manufactured in a wide range of industries, relying on trust contracts. We solve your outsourcing and reduce the problem of suppliers, because we understand how we make precision metal stamping parts to meet the quality, delivery and price standards, and you will not lose control of your production schedule.

Our contract manufacturing services provide a wide range of internal production capabilities, such as CNC machining, short run stamping parts and components, and secondary services including welding, tapping, countersinking, insert confrontation, nuts, gaskets, spring clips, and bench assembly. We accept CAD drawings and software files to improve the timeliness and accuracy of the production process. We also offers advanced skills, our competitors mismatch, the test of time, and the long-term partnership with the supplier to provide high quality finishing requirements.

We offer full service contract manufacturing, which will be able to meet all your metal forming requirement. A complete part of the components, hardware installation, special packaging, and unique processing requirements, the best choice is an experienced producer and technical work to handle any project. What is the need for us to provide the highest quality metal stamping parts and all industries, and we constantly exceed customer expectations. Contact us for today’s quick and accurate quotation and find out more details about our capabilities and services.

The raw material we produce: Brass, Copper, Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, steel alloy, Aluminum alloy and so on.

The surface finish we can do:Polishing, zinc plating, powder coating, e-coating, phosphated-coating, Aluminum-oxide, Phosphating, Galvanized,Electrostatic powder spraying,etc

The main equipment: punching machine from 5T-500T,hydraulic press machine from 20T-400T,CNC lathe,welding machine,polish machine,Laser cutting,and so on.

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