Sheet Metal Progressive Stamping

Sheet Metal Progressive Stamping

Sheet Metal Progressive Stamping

Sheet Metal Progressive StampingAs a professional metal stamping and deep drawing manufacturer in China,we focused on Sheet Metal Progressive Stamping, progressive die stamping, Single die stamping and machining prototypes parts for a wide range of industries.

We provide one stop service from product design, prototype make, tooling manufacturing and product production to assembly. our capabilities provide the competitive edge you need to reduce costs and meet the demands of today’s competitive marketplace.We have the most advanced CAD/CAE/CAM software, manufacturing equipment, testing instruments for serving our customers, and to ensure the quality and delivery in time.

The advantage of our facility is advanced design, high precision machining with close tolerance(Within 0.002mm), high efficiency, high quality and delivery on time.

When you choose to manufacture your unique items with us, you will experience our team of professional design, project management, and outstanding manufacturing process in terms of price, quality and overall satisfaction.We focus on technical innovation, excellence management, to create and successfully maintain a values-driven relationship with each and every project.

Progressive Die Stamping Manufacturer

  • Equipment: We own Stamping machines, Hydraulic press machines, Auto-Turning machines, CNC-Turning machines, Milling machines,Precision wire cutting machines, more than 160 sets in total.
  • Material: iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, alloy steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel with various plating;
  • Surface treatment: kinds of plating (Zinc, Nikel, Chrome, Tin, Ag); Painting, Powder, Anodizing, E-coating, Silkscreen, Heat treatment, Black oxid
  • Standard/ specification: OEM service as per customers’ requests, within-house tooling design & fabricating;
  • RoHS compliance for export
  • Quality assurance in accordance with ISO9001:2008
  • Concurrent engineering capability on product design
  • Just-in-time manufacturing capability to meet customer’s requirement
  • Tailor-made packaging method according to customer’s requirement

Progressive Die Stamping Service

Product Name Progressive die stamping,single die stamping and so on.
Material of Die D2, SKH-9, SKD11, A3,SKD61 etc.
Design Software AutoCAD, PRO/E,
Die Type Stamping press moulds , stamping die, punching die, sheet metal mould , progressivedie,terminal die,single die, double die or according to your parts
Drawing format igs,stp, prt, asm, pdf, dwg, dxf
Die Life 1,000,000-3,000,000 shots
First Trial 30-45 days after mold drawing confirmed
Mould design Design the mould structure drawing according to your product drawing or sample,
then send to you for confirmation.
Quality confirm You will confirm our stamping die quality according to sample.
If you need to adjust the product structure, we can help you to change it further.
Delivery Ship the stamping die after it is completely OK, packed by wooden case.
And together with mould, mould detailed drawing, mould label will be also delivered.

Why Our Sheet Metal Progressive Stamping Services

1. Incoming material will be checked carefully before production.
2. Strict processing quality control
3. 100% inspection before shipment.
4.Promptly reply to enquiries within 24 hours;
5. Having the professional team to solve problems or questions for you;
6. Quick response, within 24-48 hours, to 8D reports of abnormality, or dealing of defective products;
7. The best price for the same quality, second order 2% off, benefit customers via cost analysis.

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