Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive Die Stamping

As a professional Die Stamping Parts Manufacturer,we offer high quality Progressive Die Stamping services

Progressive die stampings is one of metal forming methods widely used to manufacture stamping parts for various industries, for example, automotive, electronics, household appliances and lighting.

Progressive stamping consists of many individual stroke, each of them performs different operation on the part. The part is carried smoothly in the tooling from one stroke to another station by the scrap strip and is cut off from the scrap strip in the final stroke.

How to know if your stamping parts can be made by compound die stamping or progressive stamping? It is simply depended on the size, complexity and volume of your stamping parts. Progressive stamping is widely used to produce large number of small-sized parts and keep the production costs at the lowest with high productivity, the highest requirement in precision and stability will be fulfilled.

Progressive Die Stamping Manufacturer

Material Steel, Stainless steel, Copper,Brass,Aluminum,Zinc…
Weight range 0.10-20 kg
Manufacture Process 1) Process: Metal Stamping, deep Drawing, Blanking,Forming, Welding, Bending, Grilling, Plastic injection, ect.
2)Secondary Machining: CNC turning, milling, drilling, grinding, assembly to packing
3) Surface Finish: Per customer required
Surface Treatment 1) Sand blasting
2) Zinc/chrome plating
3) Powder coating
4) Anodizing. etc
Production usage 1) machinery parts
2) mining equipment
3) pump parts
4) auto & motorcycle parts
5) tool parts etc.

Progressive Die Manufacturing Capacity

Progressive Stamping Die Design Capacity

  • Sheet metal finite element analysis capability;
  • 3 D and 2 D design capability;
  • 10 mould design engineers;
  • 20 years mould design experience;
  • 15 – 30 days fast mould delivery;
  • Mold manufacturing capacity: 50set/Month

Stamping Capacity

  • 30T-500T Punching machine 25 sets;
  • Product minimum size to 5mm, maximum size to
  • 1000mm processing capacity
  • Servo Press Machine;
  • Material: Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper,Brass, Kovar etc.;
  • Stamping capacity: 15000000shot/Month

Quality Control Capacity

  • Full-time quality control personnel;
  • Mitoyo three coordinate measuring instrument,Keyence height 3D profilometer, TESA altimeter
    and other high-precision measuring equipment;
  • IS9002 quality management system certification;
  • With PDCA and 5W1H good work habits.;
  • Inspection report and SGS report are provided for each product.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: Carton + pallet or Plywood cases or Other package as per customer requirement
Delivery Details: 6 weeks for samples, 4 weeks for mass production
More details to be discussed with depends on your order quantity and project complexity.

What we offer

•Professional manufacturer customized metal products,one stop source for new project developing.
•Quick response to all your inquiry
•Free samples can be provided
•Custom logo stamping,OEM/ODM Progressive Die Stamping Service
•Strict inspection procedures to guarantee the good quality of each shipment
•Fast delivery and competitive price



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