High speed metal stamping

The knowledge of metal stamping process

Metal stamping process

Metal stamping is a kind of metal forming process by pressing the metal sheet into different shapes, it based on the plastic deformation of metals,to use the punching dies and pressing machines to press the metal sheet, so that the metal sheet to be fromed into the shape what you need. It makes the metal sheet raw material into the parts which the size,shape and character you required.As the developing of metal stamping process,this process become immerced with Computer technology, information technology, modern measurement and control technology.

Metal stamping process

The stamping process can be divided into four basic processes:

Blanking: a punching process (including punching, blanking, trimming, cutting, etc.) that allows the sheet to be separated.

Bending: A stamping process that bends a sheet of material along a curved curve into a definite angle and shape.

Deep drawing: turning a flat sheet into various open hollow parts, or making a further change in the shape and size of the hollow parts.

Partial forming: a stamping process (including flanging, bulging, flattening, and shaping processes) that changes the shape of material partially.

Process characteristics

(1) stamping is a high production efficiency, low material consumption processing methods. The stamping process are applied for large batch production, easy to realize mechanization and automation, high production efficiency, at the same time, stamping production can not only try to reduce waste and non waste production, but also leftover materials can be used in some cases.

(2) the operation process is convenient, and the operator is not required to have a higher level of skill.

(3) the stamping parts do not need to be machined basically, and they have higher dimensional accuracy.

(4) the stamping parts have better interchangeability. The stability of the stamping process is better. The same batch of stamping parts can be exchanged with each other without affecting the assembly and the performance of the products.

(5) Since the stamping parts are made of sheet material, it’s surface quality is better, and it provides convenient conditions for the following surface treatment processes (such as electroplating, spray painting).

(6) stamping can be used for the parts with high strength, big rigidity and light weight.

(7) the stamping parts produced by dies are economical.

(8) stamping can produce the shape of complex parts whichother metal processing methods are difficult to make.

How metal stamping works ?

How metal stamping works

High speed metal stamping

High speed metal stamping

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