High Speed Stamping

High Speed Stamping

High Speed Stamping

As a custom metal parts manufacturer in China,we offer High Speed Stamping to customer for many years.

High-speed punch is a special cast iron alloy with high rigidity and seismic resistance. The slider is designed with a long guide and equipped with a slider balancing device to ensure precise and stable operation. All anti-wear components are automatically lubricated by electronic timing system. If there is no lubricant, the punch will stop automatically. Advanced and simple control system ensures the accuracy of slider operation and stopping. It can match any automatic production demand, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Stamping Manufacturer

1.Material available:
Cold & hot rolled Steel ,Galvanized steel ,Stainless steel,Aluminum alloy,Brass ,Copper,Plastic,Nylon,Fiberglass,Or arroding to customer requirments
5ton -500ton High speed stamping machine
Cnc machine ,Milling machine,drilling machine
Cuting machine ,Latching machine
3.Products Processing:
Milling, Drilling ,Threading,Electric Welding,Finish polising, Parts assebling
4.Surface treatment:
Zinc, Zinc with Trivalent chromate ,Yellow zinc plated
HDG ,Power coating,Nickel ,Chrome,Black anodizing
Coating thickness tester,Roughness tester,
Go /Ungo Gauge, Sault spray testing machine,
Hardness tester
6.OEM avaialble:
Welcome customer’s specific Drawings & Samples

High Speed Stamping services

Perfect quality
we are TS 16949.ISO9001:2008 factory and have our own purchase deparment and cost comntrol department,Producing so many years forging parts,we also have a good reputation and relationship with materail supplier.

Rich Experience
we have been engaged in the sheet metal fabrication for 20 years,our company had a good reputation with coustomer from American ,Europe and Austrilia etc, we also have a good team for sale and quality control

Strict Inspection We Do During Operation
we have specialized QC tasters to check the products quality according to different for customers,
we have IQC to check the dimensions and surface of the incoming materail
we have PQC to inspect full–course during the processing
we have FQC to inspect all the plating products from outsides and make the 10% inspecction before the shipment.

Competitive Price
According to our many years experience ,We can set up the best production way for your projects,which can save a lot of money.Meanwhile, our full-experienced purchasing department can source the best the material with rational prices.

we are willing to provide with sample for quality and function testing based on your request.