The Feature of Metal stamping process

The Feature of Metal stamping process

The Feature of Metal stamping process

Metal Stamping process are mainly made by metal or non-metallic sheet material, with the power of the pressing machine, fromed through stamping dies, it mainly has the following characteristics;

1.The stamping parts is in the premise of material consumption is small, manufactured by stamping process, which is light weight and good stiffness.Meanwhile, after forming from metal sheet, the internal organizational structure of metal stamping parts was improved and make it more strength.

2.The stamping parts with high dimensional accuracy, the same module size is uniform and has good interchangeability. No further mechanical processing is required to meet general assembly and service requirements.

3. Due to the surface of the material is not damaged, the stamping parts has better surface quality during the stamping process, the appearance is smooth and beautiful, which provides convenient conditions for the surface spraying, plating, phosphating and other surface treatment.

Compared with castings and forgings, Metal stamping process have the characteristics of thin, uniform, light and strong. Stamping can be made by means of stiffeners, ribs, undulations or flanges, which are difficult to be manufactured by other methods, so as to improve their rigidity. Due to the adoption of precision dies, the workpiece accuracy can reach micron level, with high repetition accuracy and uniform specifications, punching holes, lugs and so on can be punched. Cold stamping parts are no longer machined or require only a small amount of cutting. The accuracy and surface state of hot stamping parts are lower than that of cold stamping parts, but they are still better than castings and forgings.


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