Custom Metal Stamping Manufacturer

Custom Metal Stamping Manufacturer

Metal stamping

We are Custom Metal Stamping Manufacturer in Ningbo, China. Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining.

Metal Stamping services

Product details:
Name: Zinc plated custom metal stamping parts
Process : metal Stamping with zinc plating
Unit weight: 0.89kg
MOQ: 500pcs
Surface Treatment: color Zinc plating
Application: Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Heavy Machinery, Construction, Industry etc.
Certifcation: ISO9001:2008,TS16949,ROHS

Custom Metal Stamping Manufacturer

Materials Available:Carbon steel (CRS/SPCC, SECC,SPCDetc),Stainless steel, spring steel, Bronze (berylium, phosphor, etc), brass, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, tinplate, nickel silver,other kinds of materials applicable for sheet metal stamping processing.

Surface Treatment: zinc/nickel/chrome/tin plating(colour or natural), Galvanization, anodizing, oil spraying, powder coating, polishing, passivate, brush, buff polish,electropolishing, etc.Special plating factory for sheet metal stamping parts use only.

Stamping Tools:sheet metal stamping die,can be named as sheet metal stamping toos or sheet metal stamping mold.All of sheet metal stamping tools/Tooling built by ourselves according to customer instruction.
The samples will be send to you after first stamping processing trail prior to stamping mass production.
Tooling cost(Developing cost) refundable after stamping parts approached certain quality.

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Lead Time:Delivery time is Flexible according to different projects and order quantity.

Tolerance:100% follow to customer instruction and specification,guided by sheet metal stamping parts engineering Work Insutrction(wi).

Quality Control plan:
1.Incoming and or outsourcing material which applicable for sheet metal stamping processing will be confirmed prior to use.
2.100% follow to work instruction and other metal stamping general requirement.
3.100% inspection prior to shipping in accordance with sheet metal stamping requirement.

100% follow to customer instruction.Generally speaking,the packing methods including;
Inner packing : polybag,gripseal poly bag,a foam packing,small box,etc
Outer packing : export cartons,special wooden case, Plastic pallet,wooden pallet,Iron pallet,etc
Customized packing available ot othere metal stamping packing method are applicable.

Payment:T/T,Paypal and others to be confirmed.

How to get Metal Stamping services

Providing us sheet metal stamping related drawing or sample;
We carry through project assessment and sheet metal stamping technical feasibilities;
We give you a pre-design including sheet metal stamping tools and stamping processing;
Design confirmation by customer including stamping mold and stamping processing;
Samples making and confirmation prior to production;
The samples confirmation and down payment completed;
Mass production making;
Good delivery;
Balance payment processing;
Finishing the order and providing after sales service.