Galvanized sheet stamping parts

Zinc plated deep drawn stamping parts

Deep drawn stamping

Our main production service is deep Drawn stamping. The above Galvanized sheet stamping parts was made for our Oversea customer in Huge quantity.The material is Iron. The surface is beautiful Zinc plating and approved for salt spray test.

About factory

Main business: Our main product lines are CNC Machining parts, OEM stamping parts, deep drawing parts,wire forming parts, springs, exhaust system and assembly works.

Service: Our company has an experienced technical engineer team, and we can design molds and machining fixtures and find the best solutions for your project. Our team members can also make the whole quality control plan for each delivery. We also have customer service personnel with English speaking ability to translate customers’ needs to Chinese engineers.

Team: Our team is full of youthful vigor, Set, engineering department, design department, procurement department, sales department, the ministry of finance, and large-scale production workshop. Our slogan is “quality is the first, customer first!

Galvanized sheet stamping parts

Item Zinc plated deep drawn stamping parts
Certification ISO9001:2008
Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, hardened metals,hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel
Product Process Drawings → mold/tooling → plate shearing → blanking → stamping (forming/pierce/folding/deep drawing) → lathe/milling/grinding/boring → surface treatment → final inspection → package → transport → shipment
Surface Treatment Zinc plated, chrome plated,electrophoresis,engraving,e-coating,powder coating, black oxide, sand-blasting and painting,Buff polish,barrel polish and so on.
Inspection IQC,IPQC, FQC
Thickness 0.5mm(0.02″)–8mm(0.315″)
Max length 1000mm (40″)
Tolerance ± 0.008″
Drawing Format CAD, PDF, Solidworks
Mold Punching die, trimming die, pierce die, forming die, bending die, blanking die, etc
Mold Material Cr12, Mov, W
Mold Completing Time No more than 20 days
Files PPAP, WI, QM, TR, etc


Q: Do you have in-house facility for planning, design& development on products?
A: Yes, we do. We have several skilled engineers who can offer a control planning with porcesses, tolorance and inspections after seeing the drawings.
Q: How about your purchase & sourcing?
A: We have in-house facility for purchase & sourcing. We have a system for vendor approval process which can keep our list of approvad vendors current.
Q: Could you pls tell me your manufacturing system?
A: Of course. We have adequate in-house production facilities, adequate machine condition/capability, adequate process reliability. Our preventive equipment maintenance system also makes effort to manufacturing.
Q: Does your company have a quality manual? Will your company share production techniques and processes for the purpose of developing a comprehensive quality?
A: Yes, we can provide our customers with a quality mannal or PPAP Files if required. We’re willing to share the techniques and process with our customers in order to achieve the products.