Multi station progressive die

What is the multi station progressive die

1.1.9 What is the multi station progressive die

In the feeding direction of the blank, there are two or more stations. In one stroke of the press, the dies that complete two or more stamping processes at different stations are called multi station progressive dies (also called continuous dies, skip dies, etc., as shown in Fig. 1-9, multi station progressive dies for connecting plates).

Multi station progressive die is an advanced and efficient die in stamping die. It is a multi process integrated die developed on the basis of single process stamping die. For some stamping parts with complex shapes, such as blanking, bending, forming, drawing and threading, stamping can be completed on a pair of multi station progressive dies.

Multi station progressive die

Fig. 1-9 Multi station Progressive Die for Connecting Plate

1 – Upper mold base; 2 – Discharging plate; 3 – Fixed plate base plate; 4,8,10,14 – discharge plate insert: 5,7 – punch punch; 6 One guide pin: 9 one pre punching punch, 11 one flanging punch; 12 the first mock examination handle; 13, 17 and 28 all waste punches; 15,16 – bending punch; 18 – fixed plate: 19 – unloading plate base plate: 20, 24, 26, 31, 33 lower template inserts; 21 – Guide post; 22 Lower die bending insert; 23 One ejector rod: 25 One set of ejector rod: 27 One inner guide plate: 29 One flanging concave die; 30 – Limit column; 32 One word printing; 34 a small guide post; 35 – screw; 36 Lower mold base; 37 One cushion block: 38 One material bearing plate: 39 One outer guide plate