Metal stamping parts manufacturer in China

metal stamping manufacturer

Metal stamping manufacturer

As you know well from our website,we are professional metal parts manufacture in china,which speciallized in metal stamping parts, CNC machining parts, Deep drawing parts, wire bending parts and so on .We have been this field for many years and fully experieced in all these metal parts.

As time goes by, the Chinese prices are no more cheap as before, due to the labor cost and other cost going up. What’s more, the business is not good under current globle economical situations. Many factory in China are running difficuly. However,our factory is still be stable.  Through many years business with EU and Japan, we understand that the only way to get survival from current economic depression is to keep on improving your quality and offer best services.

Frankly speaking, we are not big factory. Many company in china are seeking for big factory. However, we don’t think so. We think the small factory have stronger viability. We put all our energy into quality and technical improving,not to enlarge our factory.That’s why we can continue our business for a long time as Metal stamping manufacturer.

Metal stamping process:

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The material can be :stainless steel 430,316,304,201,202, copper,aluminum,Steel,iron,brass, carbon steel…

If you have any new project to be developed , please contact us , we can offer you best price and stable quality.