Current situation of metal stamping dies in china

Metal Stamping Dies industry of china entered a period of rapid development

Recent years, the mould industry have been chaning a lot, which the high technology,precision,complex dies are growing very fast among others and it’s about 35% in total mould industry.

China is now the total amount of stamping parts processing mold production in the world has been ranked in the forefront, and began to gradually change from a large country into a mold export country. According to international model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui, our country existing mould production enterprises more than 30000, employing about 100 million people, 12.4 billion yuan of sales in 2012, sales booming, yield, quality and level are further improved, especially the development of the automobile industry and the IT industry, stimulating the mould class to improve, sophisticated mold manufacturing equipment to enhance the technical level of the mold has provided a guarantee. China mold industry is experiencing the golden stage of development, the next period of time will continue to maintain rapid growth.

From the structure of the industry, the rapid development of private enterprises, and enhance the vitality of state-owned enterprises and market oriented professional mold manufacturers number and capacity increase rapidly, adapt to the characteristics of mold industry production of stamping parts processing, mold production Park agglomeration development, mould industry such as Ministry of Chinese and western owe develop the area has greater progress.

Some metal stamping parts processing mold enterprise multi position progressive die for precision has reached 2 microns, life of up to 3 million flush times above, individual enterprises of multi station progressive die has been used in 2500 times / min high-speed punching machine, precision up to 1 micron. Has been able to production of 43 inches of big screen color TV, 65 inch rear projection TVs molded mold, 10 kg of large capacity washing machine full set of plastic mold and automobile bumper, overall dashboard large plastic mold.Precision plastic stamping parts processing mold has been able to production camera phone and plastic mold, multi – cavity mold small modulus gear and precision of 5 micron 7800 cavity plastic mold and so on. Large complex precision die-casting mold has been able to production of escalator pedal the whole die, automobile axle gear box pressure mold and automobile engine housing casting mold.

Automobile panel die has been able to produce the full set of the new car of the full set of mold. Radial tyre adjustable mold, aluminum alloy and plastic doors and windows profile extrusion molding, casting or resin rapid prototyping drawing die etc. has reached a very high level.

At present, from the overall perspective, China can only be called a mold stamping production country and cannot say is the production of power products with the developed countries there are 10 ~ 15 years gap is still dominated by medium and low, China’s mold industry in recent years will be sustained and rapid growth at the same time, show the following the characteristics: the product to more large sophisticatedcomplex and rapid economic development, technology will continue to improve, continue to shorten the manufacturing cycle, die stamping production will continue toward informationization, digitization, fine, high-speed and automation development, enterprises will further enhance the comprehensive strength of various aspects and core competitiveness.