China once again suffered brass fittings plus “double reverse” investigation

January 15, 2014, the Canada Border Services Agency announced that the decision on originating in or imported from the United States, China and South Korea, part of the brass pieces and then start anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, to update the normal values ​​of these pieces of brass and export prices, as well as subsidy brass parts imported from China.

It is understood the system, customs codes for products involved: 7412.10.00.11,7412.10.00.19,7412.10.00.90,7412.20.00.11,7412.20.00.12,7412.20.00.19,7412.20.00.90. The re-investigation of the Canadian Border Services Agency Canadian International Trade Tribunal on 19 February 2007 made ​​substantial damage award to proceed.