Deep Drawing Die

Deep Drawing Die

What is a deep drawing die

A kind of stamping die that pulls the pre-cut or punched flat blank into a certain shape under the action of the pressure of the press to form an open hollow part, or processes the prepared open hollow part into other shapes of hollow parts, called a deep drawing die. [Drawing die is also known as drawing die and calendering die (as shown in Figure 1-4, it is the first drawing die without a blank holder)]. The drawing process can be divided into constant thinning and thinning, see Table 1-3; it can also be divided into cylindrical drawing, stepped drawing, spherical drawing, box drawing, conical drawing And other complex shapes of thin-walled parts, such as deep drawing.

Deep Drawing Die

Figure 1-4 Forward first deep drawing die without holder

1. a lower die base; 2. a concave die fixing plate; 3. a positioning plate; 4. a punch die; 5. a die handle and punch fixing seat; 6. a concave die; 7. a cylindrical pin

Table 1-3 Deep drawing process

Process name Sketch Features and Application Scope
No thinning Wall deep drawing Deep Drawing Die 1 In constant thin drawing, the bottom thickness of the drawn part is theoretically equal to the side wall thickness
Thinning Wall deep drawing Deep Drawing Die The hollow semi-finished product after deep drawing is further processed into a part with a bottom thickness greater than that of the side wall


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