Scratch problem of stamping parts

Scratch of Stamping parts

The Die stamping process is very common in metal pressing products. The general appearance of products made by common molding structure is not very good, and there will be some scratches and indentations at the bending root. In the design process, there are some products that need no scratch on the appearance and belong to the appearance parts. What are the methods to reduce and eliminate the scratch on the surface?

How to avoid scrtch of stamping parts

First of all, in order to solve the surface defects, we must first find out why the defects occur and what causes them. When we use the common structure to bend, because the bending punch and the material surface are relatively sliding, and the material is relatively soft, it is inevitable to leave scratches on the material surface. The following picture:

Deep Drawing

Secondly, analyze the bad position and find out the final factors. Inspection:
1. Whether there are iron chips and other foreign matters on the surface or inside of the product before molding;
2. Whether there are a lot of burrs on the bending edge;
3. Check whether the materials meet the requirements;
Solutions to surface defects
The simplest way is to change the structure and change the sliding friction of the bending punch into rolling friction, which can minimize the scratch. The following picture:

There are many companies that do not have a complete roller structure, and the effect is not obvious. They think that the structure is not good, but the people are not. They will use titanium plating on the surface of structural inserts to increase the smoothness, which is OK, but the effect is a little poor.
The effect of matching roller and titanium plating is not ideal, and stamping oil can be added or a layer of plastic film can be pasted on the material surface to prevent scratches, but the cost is not low.
If you want to completely eliminate this phenomenon, or if conditions permit, you can completely use the flap structure, because there is no relative friction in the flap structure, so there will be no surface problems.

Of course, there may be many ways to solve the problem of forming appearance or stamping appearance, but the above is absolutely the most common solution.