Progressive Die Stamping Connector Terminals

Progressive Die Stamping Connector Terminals

Progressive Die Stamping Connector Terminals: Delivering Precision and Quality

Progressive Die Stamping Connector Terminals
As a leading Metal stamping manufacturer in China, we specialize in producing high-quality connector terminals using advanced progressive die stamping techniques. Our expertise lies in working with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, and alloy steel. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, we ensure that each terminal meets the strictest industry standards. Furthermore, our commitment to quality extends to surface treatments such as Zn-plating, Ni-plating, Cr-plating, Tin-plating, copper-plating, and more. We guarantee excellent dimensional accuracy with a tolerance range of ±0.01-0.05mm.

Precision Progressive Die Stamping:

Our progressive die stamping process is designed to optimize efficiency while maintaining exceptional precision. By utilizing progressive dies, we can accomplish multiple forming operations in a single automated system. This results in higher throughput, reduced production time, and enhanced cost-effectiveness. Our skilled technicians monitor each step of the stamping process, ensuring consistent quality throughout.

Materials and Surface Treatment:

To cater to diverse industry needs, we work with a variety of materials suitable for connector terminals. Stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, while brass and copper provide superior conductivity. Aluminum is lightweight and ideal for applications where weight reduction is essential. Additionally, we specialize in carbon steel and alloy steel, which offer durability and strength.

To enhance the functionality and aesthetics of our connector terminals, we offer a range of surface treatments. Zn-plating and Ni-plating provide corrosion resistance, while Cr-plating offers a decorative finish. Tin-plating ensures solderability, and copper-plating provides superior conductivity. Our surface treatments are tailored to meet specific client requirements, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Exceptional Tolerance and Quality Control:

At our manufacturing facility, we prioritize strict adherence to tolerances, resulting in precise connector terminals. Our production processes are equipped with quality control measures that enable us to maintain dimensional accuracy within a range of ±0.01-0.05mm. By employing advanced inspection techniques and stringent quality checks, we ensure that each terminal meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Progressive Stamping Die Design

  • Die material: XW-42, SKD11,SKH-9, ASP60, ASP23, 8407, CD650, S136etc.
  • Die base:LKM & Hasco & DME standard;
  • Material main core:DIN2312,2738,2344,718,S136,8407,NAK80,SKD61,H13;
  • Stamping Product:Connector Terminals, Parts, Shielding case, Cable Terminals,Pins,lead frames,hardware,etc
  • Cavity:1 rows 1 out, 2 rows 4 out, 4 rows 8 out.
  • Die life:300,000-500,0000shots
  • Maximum mould size: 1500*1500 mm
  • Surface request:EDM & High Polish
  • Design software:UG,PROE,CAD etc.
  • Production Capabilities:Connector Terminal,Connector Shield,Bulk,Reel to Reel,Spring,Battery,etc.
  • Package:Wooden/Plywood case for tool ,PE bags add export . Carton for parts.
  • Value-added service:Assembly,Packaging,Deburring,Rivet,Design,Selective Plating,Heat Treating,Stress Relieving,Plating,Samples

Custom Progressive Die Stamping services

As a progressive die stamping manufacturer, our expertise lies in producing high-quality connector terminals using a wide range of materials and surface treatments. With a focus on precision and strict quality control, we adhere to the tolerance range of ±0.01-0.05mm to deliver exceptional products. Partner with us for your progressive die stamping needs, and experience the benefits of reliable performance, cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore our comprehensive solutions.