Progression Die stamping Copper Parts

Progression Die stamping Copper Parts

Progression Die stamping Copper Parts

As a profession metal stamping parts maker in Ningbo, China, we offer custom Progression Die stamping Copper Parts according to customer’s sample or drawing at very competitive price and high quality.

Progression Die stamping Copper Parts

What is Progression Die stamping

It is called multi station progressive die, continuous die and skip die. In a pair of dies, according to the processed workpiece as several equal distance stations, one or several basic stamping processes are set on each station to complete the processing of a part of the stamping workpiece. The processed material is processed into strips of a certain width in advance, and a certain feeding method is adopted, one step at a time. After punching one by one, a complete stamping workpiece is obtained. In a pair of progressive dies, blanking, bending, drawing, forming and other processes can be completed continuously. Generally speaking, no matter how complex the shape of stamping parts is and how many stamping processes are, it can be completed with a pair of progressive die.

Progression Die stamping

Specification Customized,customer required,customer’s drawings
Material Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Alloy steel,Heat resistant steel,Brass, etc.
Application Automobile, agricultural machinery, furniture,
construction, home appliances, electronics.
Process Stamp, Pressing Stretch, Spin, Precision stamping
Machining Punch, Press, Spinning lathe, Precision punch
Tolerance +/- 0.01mm, ISO2768-f
Heat treatment Quench and tempering,Carburizing,Nitriding,Induction hardening,Normalizing,
Unit weight 5g-300kg
Certificate ISO9001, TS16949,ISO1400,RoHS
Finish Polishing,Powder coating,Painting,Nickel plating,Chrome plating,Hot galvanize,Galvanizing, Electrophoresis,Anodizing.
Quality control FEMA,PPAP,APQP,Control Plan,MSA,
Certificates for all requirements
Test reports for every delivery
Service Weekly report,Key node report,Any questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Packing and delivery

Packing: Paper carton, Wooden box, Steel pallet or Customized

Delivery: by air or sea, it depends on your order quantity

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Price– Competitive.We know the market situation.
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We know the importance of material chemical composition,tolerances.
We know the Happiness when we do well,and result when we fail.
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