Custom metal stamping services in China

Cost-effective custom metal stamping services

As a professional metal parts fabricator in china,we offers a complete range of custom metal stamping services,such as progressive metal stamping,single hit dies,prototype metal stamping and value-added assembly services that will exceed your expectations and help you secure a competitive advantage.

We work with large range of raw materials, such as materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, carbon, stainless steels and exotic metals. Our press capabilities range from 16 to 315 tons. Parts are fully inspected using vision systems, optical comparators, CMM equipment and functional gages. All the tooling dies are developed and made by ourself.

Our team will manage every phase of a stamping job, from design to final delivery. Not only we take care of your stamping project from beginning to final shipping, but also we provide solutions for every stamping die need.

For years we have been focusing on acquiring the skills,we are always thinking how to finish customer’s metal stamping jobs at effectively cost by our experiences. It’s our mission to be an innovator in metal stamping manufacture field.

Metal Stamping Ablility

Equipment CNC stamping/punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC cutting machine, 5~500 tons punching machines, welding machine, polish machines…
Processed material stainless steel, copper,aluminum,brass, carbon steel… (according to customer’s requirement)
Surface treatment Hot galvanized, polishing, chrome/zinc/nickel plating, powder coating, anodize…
Making process stamping→secondary stamping→punching→threading→         burring→welding→polishing→paint spraying→packaging
Thickiness 0.3mm ~5.0mm, or other special available
Inspection IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
Certificate ISO 9001

Metal Stamping Range:

1. Tooling (Mold) design and Manufacture
2. Manufacture the parts according to the Stamping Machine.
3. Riveting, Welding or Screw tap according to Customer’s require.
4. After finish manufacture process we will test the parts by the Image measurement instrument, Caliper, Angel Gage etc.
5. After make sure all the dimension can reach customer’s require, we will make the surface treatment process.
6. After finish surface treatment we will testing all the parts by worker so that we can make sure the parts which we sell is 100% qualified.
7. After finish testing we will pack the parts by Vacuum Package Machine.

Stamping Equipment

Pressing Machine

Sample Projects

Sheet Metal Forming
customized precision sheet metal stamping
Metal Fabrication Stamping Part
Sheet Metal Stamping Service
Sheet Metal stamping
Zinc plated custom metal stamping parts
Custom Metal stamping Shelf Protector
Galvanized sheet Stamping Bracket
Stainless steel Stamping Strip