Scratch problem of stamping parts

Scratch of Stamping parts The Die stamping process is very common in metal pressing products. The general appearance of products made by common molding structure is not very good, and there will be some scratches and indentations at the bending root. In the design process, there are some products that need no scratch on the […]

How to stamp Aluminum housing

Aluminum housing The development of heavy industry is growing stronger and stronger in modern society, and the birth of aluminium alloy has promoted the development of many industries. Nowadays, aluminium alloy shell products can be seen everywhere in daily life. Stamping is a relatively basic and common means in aluminium alloy shell processing. Stamping and […]

Automotive Stamping

At present, many manufacturing enterprises use the OEM model in their manufacturing sector, while they mainly control product design, development, sales and other fields. The most famous is the OEM between Apple and Foxconn. However, the traditional automobile industry still regards the manufacturing sector as the core competitiveness. There are still some differences among the […]

The knowledge of metal stamping process

Metal stamping is a kind of metal forming process by pressing the metal sheet into different shapes, it based on the plastic deformation of metals,to use the punching dies and pressing machines to press the metal sheet, so that the metal sheet to be fromed into the shape what you need. It makes the metal […]

The Feature of Metal stamping process

Metal Stamping process are mainly made by metal or non-metallic sheet material, with the power of the pressing machine, fromed through stamping dies, it mainly has the following characteristics; 1.The stamping parts is in the premise of material consumption is small, manufactured by stamping process, which is light weight and good stiffness.Meanwhile, after forming from metal […]

Metal stamping parts manufacturer in China

Metal stamping manufacturer As you know well from our website,we are professional metal parts manufacture in china,which speciallized in metal stamping parts, CNC machining parts, Deep drawing parts, wire bending parts and so on .We have been this field for many years and fully experieced in all these metal parts. As time goes by, the […]

The manufacturability of Metal stamping holes

The manufacturability of Metal stamping holes The manufacturability of metal stamping holes when the holes and pitch of holes are keypoints When there are only two Metal stamping holes and pitch are important dimensions , the best stamping shape are as picture 1-1 showes.  However, for the better appearance, Picture 1-2 is looks better ,but the stamping is […]

China once again suffered brass fittings plus “double reverse” investigation

January 15, 2014, the Canada Border Services Agency announced that the decision on originating in or imported from the United States, China and South Korea, part of the brass pieces and then start anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, to update the normal values ​​of these pieces of brass and export prices, as well as subsidy […]